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Krefeld International Piano Masterclass

Kawai held the Krefeld International Piano Masterclass for the 9th time in 2014. In cooperation with the beautifully located local music school, which provides all practice facilities and a brand new concert venue, this master class has become an internationally valued event.

Over the last years, renowned piano Professors like Klaus Hellwig, Michell Béroff, Eugen Indjic and in 2014 Wojciech Switala, dean of the Karol Szymanowski Academy in Katowice, have taught here. Two beautiful SKEX concert pianos, which were perfectly conditioned by Kawai’s MPA technician Mr. Kenji Miyahira, were used for this year. As with every year, the masterclass started with the professor’s opening concert. This year, Professor Wojciech Switala played a beautiful tune of Chopin, Schumann and Liszt and attracted the audience and all the students from Japan, Korea, China, Russia, France and Germany. The students instantly understood that the professor has great skill, and the opportunity to learn under him is invaluable.

Firstly, the lesson started on 12th of April till 17th of April. Each student received four one hour lessons by Mr. Switala, plus an additional five hours practice time every day. For Prof Switala, this should have been tough work, but his energetic, creative and very passionate teaching impressed not only his students but also the visited audience. The masterclass in Krefeld is an open event and gathered many visitors regardless of generations. For the first time this year, an official press conference was held during the masterclass. This gave the local newspapers a chance to interview a couple of attendees and Prof. Switala. The article on it was put on all local newspapers the next day, by which larger number of audience visited for the closing concert.

All students had opportunities to perform with the newly absorbed ideas and inspirations in front of the local audience. 170 people visited and praised their performances with warm applause and admiration.

Holding master class not only provides the young pianists with intensive learning experience, but also give us opportunities to make relationship with the promising young pianists.